A : Amplitude
a : Assumed
A : Ampere
a/a : Always Afloat
aa : Always Acceptable
AA : Apparent Altitude
A/B : Able Bodied seaman
AC : Anti-collision
AC : Alternating current
A/C : Account Current
AC : Admiral’s Cup
a/c : Account
AC : Advisory Circular
Ac : Admiralty Coefficient
A/C : Altering course
Ac : Altocumulus
a/d : After Date
A/D : Alternate Days
AF : Audio Frequency
AF : Advance Freight
a/f : Also For
A-G : Attorney-General
A/H : Antwerp, Hamburg Range of Ports
a.h. : Ahead
ah : After Hatch
Ah : Ampere Hour
AI : Articulation Index
AL : Algae(seyir)
aL : Assumed Latitude
Al : Alternating light
Am : Amber
a/m : Above mentioned
AM : Amplitude Modulation
AM : Ante meridian
A/o : Account of
AP : Assumed Position
AP : Aft Perpendicular
AP : Average Payable
A/P : Additional Premium
AP : Auto pilot
AR : Arrived
A/R : All Risks (sigorta) Tüm riskler, tüm risklere karşı
As : Altostratus
A/s : Account Sales
A/S : After Sight
A/S : Alongside(chartering)
AS : Air Speed
AT : Atomic Time
AT : American Terms
AU : Astronomical Unit
Av : Average
A/V : According to Value
av. : Avoirdupois
A-V : Audio – Visual
Az : Azimuth
AAA : Association of Average Adjusters
AAE : Age and Experience
AAR : Aircraft Accident Report
a.a.r. : Against All Risks
ABI : Association Of British Insurers(kuruluş)
ABO : Operator Forced Clear
ABP : Associated British ports
ABS : Absent Subscriber
ABS : American Bureau of Shipping
Abt. : About
ACA : Accession Compensatory Amounts
ACAs : Admiralty Chart Agents
ACB : Accessed Barred
ACC : Area Control Centre
Acc : Acceptance, Accepted
ACC : Approved Container Condition
ACC : Air Cooler Cleaner
ACE : African Container Express
ACG : Auxiliary Coast Guard
ACH : Automated Clearing House
ACL : Associated Container Line
ACO : Aircraft Co-ordinator
A&CP : Anchors and Chains Proved
ACP : Adjacent to Charted Platform
ACP : African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries
ACP80 : Air Cargo Processing in the Eighties
ACP90 : Air Cargo Processing in the Nineties
ACQ : Acquisition
ACS : Australian Customs Service
ACS : Automatic Control System )
ACT : Advance Corporation Tax
ACT : Associated Container Transportation
ACV : Air Cushion Vehicle
ADB : Asian Development Bank
ADC : Air Data Computer
Add. : Addressed
ADD : Association for Distribution Development
ADE : Above Deck Equipment
ADF : Airborne Direction Finder
adf : Additional Duty on Flour
ADI : Attitude Direction Indicator
A.dk : Awning Deck
ADL : Automatic Data Logging
ADM : Amsterdamsche Droogdok Mij (Amsterdam Dry dock Company)
ADP : Automatic Data Processing
ADR : International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
ADR : Addressee Refuses
ADR : Advisory Route
ADS : Automatic Dependant Surveillance
a.d.s. : Additional Duty on Sugar
Adv : Advancement of Special Survey
adv : Advice
AEA : Association of European Airlines
AEB : Area Elimination Boundary
AEF : Amalgamated Union of Engineering and Foundry Workers
AEI : Automatic Equipment Identification
AER : Authorised Explosives Representative
AES : Association of Marine Engineering schools
AES : Aeronautical Earth Station
AFA : Association of Flight Attendance
AFC : Automatic Frequency Control
AFD : Advanced Flight Deck
AFD : Actual Forward Distance
AFM : Aircraft Flight Manuel
AFN : Aeronautical Fixed Network
AFS : Automatic Flight System
AFS : Additional Freeboard Sheets
Aft : After end of Ship
A.g.b. : Any good brand
AGC : Automatic Gain Control
AGD : Australian Geodetic Datum
AGM : Annual General Meeting
AGS : Automatic Gantry Steering System
AGS : Automatic Gain Stabilisation
Agt : Agent
Agt : Against
AGV : Automatic Guided Vehicle
Ahd : Ahead
AHF : American Hull Form
AHM : Allowable Heeling Moment
AHT : Anchor Handling Tug
AIB : Accident Investigation Brunch
AID : Agency for International Development
AIN : Australian Institute of Navigation
AIP : Aeronautical Information Publication
AIS : Aeronautical Information Service
AIS : Approved International Shipping Enterprise
IS : Automatic Identification System
AIU : American International Underwriters
AIU : Air Insurance Underwriter
ALC : Articulated Loading Column
ALL : Admiralty List of Light and fog signal
ALP : Articulated Loading Platform
Alr : Altering
ALS : Automatic Landing System
alt : Altered
Alt : Altitude
Alu : Aluminium
Amp : Amplitude
AMS : Aeronautical Mobile Service
AMS : Automated Manifest System with US Custom
Amt : Amount
AMT : Air Mail Transfer
AMT : Advanced Marine Technology
ANC : Air Navigation Committee
ANL : Australian National Line
ANM :Annual Summary of Admiralty Notices to Mariners
Ans : Answer
ANS : Association of Navigation Schools
ANT : Antenna
ANT : Average Neap Tide
A.N.T. : Aid to Navigation Teams
AOA : Any One Accident
A.O.A. : Accident Officers Association
A/or : And/ Or
APA : Antwerp Port Authority
APA : Auto pilot Data
APC : Aeronautical Passenger Communications
API : American Petroleum Institute
APL : Accreditation of Prior Learning
APS : Arrival Pilot Station
APT : After Peak Tank
APT : Automatic Picture Transmission
APU : Auxiliary Power Unit
ARA : Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam Range of Ports
ARB : Area Rejection Boundary
ARQ : Automatic Request for Repetition
Arr. : Arrival
ARU : Antenna RF Unit
ASA : Air Service Australia
ASA : American Standards Association

ASB : Alternate Side Band
ASC : Automatic Stacking Crane
ASC : Australian Shippers Council
ASD : Admiralty Sailing Direction
ASF : Additional Secondary Phase Factor
ASF : American Steel Foundries
ASI : Air Speed Indicator
ASM : At-Sea Maintenance
ASR : Admiralty Specialist Retailers
AST : Average Spring Tide
ATA : Actual Time of Arrival
ATC : Air Traffic Control
ATD : Actual Time of Departure
ATD : Attempting to Deliver the Message
ATG : Advanced Turbo Gearing System
Atl : Atlantic Ocean
ATM : Automatic Teller Machine
ATM : Air Traffic Management
ATN : Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
ATO : Authority To Operate
ATP : Accelerated Trade Payments
ATS : Air Traffic Service
ATS : Advanced Technology Satellites
ATT : Admiralty Tide Tables
Aug : August
Aus : Australia
Aux : Auxiliary )
Ave : Avenue
Avg : Average
AV&T : Allied Ventures & Technologies
AWB : Air Way Bill
AWO : American Waterway Operators
AWO : All Weather Operations
AWY : Airway
AAEL : America-Africa-Europe Line
AAIC : Accounting Authority Identification Code
AAPA : American Association of Port Authorities
ABCC : Association of British Chambers of Commerce
A-BCC : Arab-British Chamber of Commerce
ABTA : Association of British Travel Agent
ACAS : Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
acct : Account
ACES : Automated Cargo Expediting System i
ACFT : Aircraft ı
ACIB : Associate of The Corporation of Insurance Brokers
ACII : Associate of The Chartered Insurance Institute
ACMI : Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation
ACOP : Approved Code of Practice
ACOS : Australian Chamber of Shipping
Actu : Actual
ADIA : Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
ADIS : Airborne Display and Information System
ADIS : Automated Computer Based Data Interchange System
ADIZ : Air Defence Identification Zone advisory route
ADNC : Air Defence Notification Centre
ADNM : Admiralty Digital Notices to Mariners
ADOC : Air Defence Operation Centre
ADOC : Association of Offshore Diving Contractors
ADPC : Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company
advt : Advertisement
AECL : Anglo-European Container Line
AECS : Australia European Container Line
AEOS : Astronomical, Earth and Ocean Sciences
Aero : Aeronautical
AESL : Africa Europe Shipping Line
AEWL : Association of Employers of waterfront Labour
AFBD : Association of Futures Brokers and Dealers
AFCS : Automatic Flight Control System
AFIA : American Foreign Insurance Association
AFRA : Average Freight Rate Assessment
AFTN : Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network
AHIS : American Hull Insurance Syndicate
AHRS : Attitude and Heading Reference System
AHST : Anchor handling Salvage Tug
AHTS : Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel
AICS : Associate of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
AIMA : As Interest May Appear
AIMS : American Institute of Merchant Shipping
AIMU : American Institute of Marine Underwriters
AINE : Association of Spanish Marine Engineers
AISM : Association Internationale de Signalisation Maritime
ALEC : Association of Language Export Centres
ALPA : Air Line Pilots Association
ALRS : Admiralty List of Radio Signal
AMCS : Association of Marine Catering Superintendents
AMNI : Associate Member of The Nautical Institute
AMPS : Arctic Marine Pipe laying System
AMSA : Australian Maritime Safety Authority
amsl : Above Mean Sea Level
AMSS : Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
AMTA : Arab Maritime Training Academy
AMTE : Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment
Anal : Analysis
Anch. : Anchored
Anct : Ancient
ANMA : Australian National Maritime Association
ANSI : American National Standards Institute
ANTM : Admiralty Notice to Mariners
ANTS : Automatic Navigation and Track Keeping System
ANTT : Australian National Tide Table
AODC : Association of Offshore Diving Contractors
AOGA : Alaska Oil and Gas Association
AOR-E : Atlantic Ocean Region East
AOR-W : Atlantic Ocean Region West
AOTA : Australian Overseas Transport Association
APAG : Asia Pacific Advisory Group
APBH : After Peak Bulkhead
APOA : Arctic Petroleum Operators Association
Appr : Approach
AQIS : Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
ARCC : Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre
Arch : Archipelago
ARCS : Admiralty Raster Chart Service
ARES : Automated Search and Rescue System
AREX : African Ro-Ro Express
ARPA : Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
ARPS : Automatic Radar Plotting System
ARSC : Aeronautical Rescue Sub-centre
ARSO : African Regional Standardisation Organisation
asap : As soon as possible
ASBA : Association of Shipbrokers and Agents
ASGD : Alarm Signal Generating Device
ASIA : Australian Stevedoring Industry Authority
ASMA : Australian Maritime Safety Authority
ASMI : Association of Singapore Marine Industries
ASPH : Automatic Sea borne Pallet Handling
ASRA : Air Sea Rescue Apparatus
ASRY : Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company
Assn : Association
Asst : Assistant
ASTM : American Society of Testing Materials
Astn : Astern
ATLA : Air Transport Licensing Authority
ATMC : Admiralty Transmitting Magnetic Compass
ATOS : Approval Test of Application Software
At.wt. : Atomic Weight
Aux.B : Auxiliary Boilers
Aust : Australia
Aux.Y : Auxiliary Yacht
AVIT : Audio- Visual Instruction Technique
AWES : Association of West European Shipbuilders
AAACC :Association of Asian-American Chambers of Commerce
AACLA : Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America
A and I : Accident and Indemnity
AAPMA : Association of Australian Port and Marine Authorities
ACILA : Associate of The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
ACOPS : Advisory Committee on Pollution of the sea
Addtl. : Additional
ADGLC : Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company
ADNOC : Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Admin : Administration
AFAFF : Australian Federation of Air Freight Forwarders
AFRAS : Association For Rescue at Sea
AFVOA : Aberdeen Fishing Vessel Owners Association
AGARD : Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development
AIFTA : Associate of the Institute of Freight Trades Association
ALARP : Are as Low as Reasonably Practical
AMBIM :Associate Member of The British Institute of Management
AMERC : Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges
AMIEx : Associate Member of The Institute of Export
AMIQA : Associate Member of the Institute of Quality Assurance
AMOCO : American Oil Company
AMPTC : Arab Marine Petroleum Transport Company
AMVER : Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
AMWSU : Amalgamated Metal Workers and Shipwrights Union
ANERA : America North Europe Rate Agreement
Annly : Annually
ANRIS : Automated Navigation Risk Indication System
ANZDL : Australia New Zealand Direct Line
APACS : Association of Payment Clearing Services
APICS : Antwerp Port Information & Communication System
Appro : Approval
APPLA : Asian & Pacific Project for Labour Administration
ARTEP : Asian Regional Team for Employment Promotion
ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAN : Association of South East Asian Nations
ASROM : Association of Shipbuilders and Ship repairers of Malaysia
ASSET : Association of Short sea Electronic Trade i
ASTRO : Association of State Trading Organisations of Developing Countries
ATSBE : All Time Saved Both Ends
ATSDO : All Time Saved Discharging Only
ATSLO : All Time Saved Loading Only .
ATTIS :American Telephone and Telegraph Information Service
AVERT : Automated Vessel Alert System
ALERFA : Alert phase
AIRMIC : Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce
AMRINA : Associate Member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
antilog : antilogarithm
ANZECS : Australia New Zealand European Container Service
ANZTAC : Australian and New Zealand Trade Advisory Committee
approx : approximate
ARACON : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Ground Nut Charter(1937)
ARAMCO : Arabian American Oil Company
ARPAPS : DOT ARPA Performance Standard
ASAPHA : Association of Sea and Air Port Health Authorities
AUSREP : Australian Ships Reporting System
A.W.T.S.B.E : All Working Time Saved Both Ends
A.W.T.S.D.O : All Working Time Saved Discharging Only
A.W.T.S.L.O : All Working Time Saved Loading Only
ACCATLO : Actual and/or Constructive and/or Compromised and/or Arranged Total Loss
Aframax : Average Freight Rate Assessment Scale Large Tanker
AMIMarE : Associate Member of The Institute of Marine Engineers
AMWELSH : Americanised Welsh Coal Charter
AOTCCRU : All Other Terms, Clauses and Conditions Remain Unaltered
ASYCUDA : Automated System for Customs Data
AUSTRAL : Chamber of Shipping Australian Grain Charter (1928)
AUSTRADE : Australian Trade Commission
AUSTRIAPRO: Australian Trade Facilitation / Standardisation Organisation
AUSTWHEAT : Australian Grain Charter (1972)
ASBATANKVOY: Association of Shipbrokers and Agents Tanker Voyage Charter party

B : Block only
B : Bay
B : Beam
B : Centre of Buoyancy
B/- : Bale, Bag
Ba : Basalt
BA : British Admiralty
B.A. : Breathing Apparatus
bb : Ballast Bonus
BB : Bar Bound
BB : Bulbous Bow )
BB : Below Bridges
BB : Bare Boat
BB : Bill Book
BC : Bristol Channel
bc : Partly cloudy
B.C. : Before Christ
b/d : Barrels Per Day
B/D : Bankers Draft, Bar Draught
b/d : Brought Down
BE : Bill of Entry
BE : Bill of Exchange
b/f : Brought Forward
Bg : Bag
B/G : Bonded Goods
b/h : Barrels per hour
BH : Bulkheads
B/H : Bill of Health
B/H : Bordeaux, Hamburg Range of ports
Bk : Bank
bk : Broken
BK : Message Aborted
BK : Bar Keel
bl : ballast
BL : Base Line
B/L : Bill of Lading (chartering) Konşimento (taşıma senedi)
BM : Bending Moment
BM : Height of Metacentre Above the Centre of Buoyancy
bm : Board Measure
BM : Bench Mark
BM : Breadth Moulded
Bn : Beacon
Bo : Boulders ı
BO : Buyer’s Option
B/O : Brought Over
B.O. : Branch Office
BP : British Petroleum
BP : Between Perpendiculars
B/P : Bills Payable
Br : Breakers
B/R : Bills Receivable
BR : Builders Risks
BR : Bulgarian Register
Br : Brown
BS : Balance Sheet
BS : Boiler Survey
B/S : Bill of Sale
B/S : Bill of Store
BS : British Standard
BS : Bottom Stowed
B/s : Bags, bales
BS : British Shipbuilders
BT : British Telecom
b.t. : Berth Terms
Bu : Blue
BV : Bureau Veritas
BY : Black Yellow
BAA : British Airport Authority
BAF : Bunker Adjustment Factor
bal : Balance
BAM : Bulk Air Mail
BAP : Best Achievable Protection
BAR : MES Barred
bar : Hava basıncı
bar : Barrel
B.A.R. : Blade Area Ratio
BAS : Berthing Aid System
B&W : Burmeister and Wain
BBA : British Bankers Association
BBB : Before Breaking Bulk
BBC : British Broadcasting Corporation
BBS : Bulletin Board Service
BCD : Bristol Channel Divers Limited
BCH : Bulk Chemical Code
B/ch : Bristol Channel
BCI : Birmingham Chamber of Industry and Commerce
BCL : British Continental Line
BC code : Code of safe practice for solid Bulk Cargoes
BCO : Ballast Control Room Operator
BCS : Bare boat Charter Ships
BCS : British Calibration Service
BDE : Below Deck Equipment
bdi : Both Dates Inclusive
Bds : Boards
BFC : Baltimore Form ‘C’ Berth Grain Charter party (1913)
BFI : Baltic Freight Index
BFO : Beat Frequency Oscillator
BHC : British Hovercraft Corporation
Bhd. : Bulkhead
BHP : Brake Horse Power
BIA : British Insurance Association
BIH : Bureau internationale de l’Heure
Bit : Binary Digit
bkg : Banking
Blk : Black
Bls : Bales, Barrels
Bol : Bollard
BOD : Biological Oxygen Demand
BOT : Board of Trade
BMA : British Marine Association
BMB : Baltic Marine Biologist
BMC : No end of Message or end of Transmission Received
BML : Boatman’s Licence
BMT : British Maritime Technology Limited
BNA : British North Atlantic
BPA : British Ports Association
BPB : Bank Post Bill
BPC : British Phosphate Commissioners (ticaret)
b.p.d. : Barrels per day
BPF : British Ports Federation
b.p.h. : Barrels per hour
bps : bits per second
Brg : Bearing
Brl : Barrel
B.S.A : British Shipbroker Association
BSA : British Standards Association
B.S.C : British Seaman’s Card
BSF : British Shipping Federation
BSI : British Standard Institute
Bs./L : Bills of Lading
BST : British Summer Time / British Standard Time
B/st : Bill of Sight
Btd. : Butadiene
bth : Passenger Berth
BTI : British Telecom International
btm : Bottom
BTO : British Tug Owner Association
BTS : Brokers Telex Service
Btu. : British Thermal Unit
BTU : Bow Thrust Unit
BUS : Busy
BWC : Great Circle Bearing and Distance
BWR : Rhumb Line Bearing and Distance
Bldg : Building
BMEC : British Marine Equipment Council
Bmid : Breadth Moulded
BMLA : British Maritime Law Association
BMSE : British Mercantile and Shipping Exchange
BNOC : British National Oil Corporation
Bn Tr : Beacon Tower i
BORO : Bulk, oil and Roll-on, Roll-off vessel i
BOTB : British Overseas Trade Board
BoxK : Box Keel
BPDC : Brake Down Clause
Bpgc : Bearing per gyrocompass
BROA : British Rig Owners Association
Bros. : Brothers
BSCC : British Swedish (Swiss) Chamber of Commerce
BSCS : British Shipping Careers Service
BSJC : British Seafarers Joint Council
BSMA : British Standard Specification
BTAT : British Telecom Applied Technology
BTDB : British Transport Docks Board
BTEC : Business and Technician Education Council
BTU/h : British Thermal Unit per Hour
Buoy : Buoyancy
BWAD : Brackish Water Arrival Draft
BWSC : Baltic and White Sea Conference
BVQI : Bureau Veritas Quality International
BACAT : Barge Aboard Catamaran
BASIC : Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BATUC : British Airways Trade Union Council
BEAMA : The Federation of British Electro technical and Allied ManufacturersAssociation
BEMAS : Buoy Monitor and Alarm System
Bends : Both End
BIMBO : Buy-in Management Buy-out
BIMCO : Baltic and International Maritime Council
BKGND : Background
bkrpt. : Bankrupt
BMSOA : British Motor Ship Owners Association
Brgds : Best regards
BASREC : Bahrain Ship Repair & Engineering Company
BBDocs. : Blank Back Documents
BIFFEX : Baltic International Freight Futures Exchanges
BOSIET : Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training
BULCON : Chamber of Shipping Bulgarian Berth Contract (1911)
BALDRIA : Baltic Alexandria Wood Charter Party (1913)
BALTAIR : Baltic Air Charter Party (1962)
BALTCON : The Baltic and White sea Conference Coal Charter (1921)
BALTIME 1939 : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Uniform TimeCharter
BALTWAR : Baltic Conference War Risks Clause for Voyage Charters (1938)
BASEEFA : British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in FlammableAtmospheres
BENACON : Chamber of Shipping British North American (Atlantic) Wood CharterParty (1914)
BENELUX : Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg
BIFANET : Electronic Trading Service to Meet Telecommunication Needs of theFreight Services Industry
BALTPULP : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Charter Party for Pulpand Paper from Finland
BARECON ‘A’ :The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Standard Bare boatCharter
BARECON ‘B’ : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Standard Bare boatCharter (To be used for new building vessels financed by mortgage)
BRITCONT : Chamber of Shipping General Home Trade Charter (1928)
BERDISCON: Baltic Conference Waiting for Berth Clause (discharging)
BISCOILVOY : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Standard VoyageCharter Party for Vegetable / Animal oils and Fats

c.i.f.c&e : Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission and Exchange
c.i.f.c.i : Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission and Interest
c.i.f.L.t : Cost, Insurance and Freight London terms
CIMAH : Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards
CLAMS : Clams Management System
CLASS : Capacity Loading and Scheduling System
CNITA : Chart and Nautical Instrument Trade Association
COBOL : Common Business Oriented Language
Coeff : Coefficient
CoLat : Complement of Latitude
COMAR : Coastal Marine i
COMET : Committee for Middle East Trade
ConRo : Container / Roll-on Roll-off Ship
Const. : Construction
contd : Continued
Contg : Containing
Contl : Continental
Contr : Controllable
Convs : Conveyances
C(ORE)7 : Mediterranean Iron Ore Charter Party
COSCO : China Ocean Shipping Company
COSHH : Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
CSF B/L : Common Short Form Bill of Lading
cu/cap : Cubic Capacity
CADDIA : Co-operation in Automation of Data and Documentation in Imports,Exports and Agriculture
CARDIS : Cargo Data Interchange System
Caribs : Caribbean sea
COMSAT : Communications Satellite Corporation
CONICS : Container Information and Control System
Consgt : Consignment
Cont.A/H : Continent ,Antwerp, Hamburg Range
Cont.B/H : Continent, Bordeaux, Hamburg Range
Cont.H/H : Continent, Havre, Hamburg Range
CONWAY : Baltic Conference Stoppage of Canals and Waterways Clause
COSPAS : Search and Rescue Satellite (in Russian language)
CPNLSB : Control of Pollution by Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk
CUSDEL : Baltic Conference Custom Delay Clause (1965)
CARITAG : Caribbean Trade Advisory Group
C and/or J : China and/or Japan
CEMENCO : Chamber of Shipping Cement Charter Party (1922)
CHINPAC : China sea, Indian and Pacific Ocean
COALICE : Baltic Conference Ice Clause for Coal and Coke Cargoes
COLREGS : International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
COM/CIRC : International Code of Signals Attached to Circular
COMECON : Council for Mutual Economics Assistance
CONBILL : Uniform Bill of Lading Clause (1946)
CONCAWE : Oil Companies International Study Group for Conservation of Air andWater in Europe
CRISTAL : Contracts Regarding an Interim Supplement to Tanker Liability for OilPollution
cum.gr/bl : Grain/Bale Capacity in Cubic Metres
COASTCON : Chamber of Shipping Coasting Coal Charter party (1954)
COMBIDOC : Combined Transport Document
CONTCOAL : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Continental CoalCharter Party (1945)
CONTWOOD: The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Wood Charter (1937)
CANCELCON: Baltic Conference Cancelling Clause (1970)
CENTROCON: Chamber of Shipping River Plate Charter Party (1914)
c.i.f.landed : Cost Insurance Freight landed
COASTDUTY: Baltic Conference Clause in Respect of Customs Duty in Coastwise Trade(1962)
COASTHIRE : Chamber of Shipping Coasting and Short Sea Daily Hire Charter Party (1954)
COASTSALT : The Indian Coastal Conference Salt Charter Party (1966)
CONFITARMA: Confederazione Italiana Armatori
CONGENBILL: Bill of Lading to be Used With Charter Parties (1976)
COSPAS-SARSAT: Search and Rescue Satellite System

DTG : Distance To Go
DTI : Department of Trade and Industry
DTR : Data Terminal Ready
DTs : Deep Tanks
DTW : Distance To Way point
dur : Duration
DWA : Dock Water Allowance
d.w.c : Dead weight Carrying Capacity
dwt. : Dead Weight Tonnage
DWT : Dry or Wet Transfer
DALR : Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate
DANG : Dangerous
DCCD : Delivered at Container Collection Depot
DCTC : Durban Coal Terminal Company
Decl. : Declination
Defl. : Deflection
deld. : Delivered
dely : Delivery
Dens. : Density
DEPS : Departmental Entry Processing System
Dept. : Department
dest : Destroyed
Dest. : Destination
DETR : Departments of Environment, Transport and the Regions
DGPS : Differential Global Positioning System
DHSD : Duplex High Speed Data
Diff. : Difference
Dis.A : Seaman’s Discharge Book
.DISH : Data Interchange for Shipping
Disp. : Displacement
Dist : Distance
Dist : Discount
dk.Ho. : Deck House
Dkyd. : Dockyard
D.Lat : Difference of Latitude
Dmid : Dept Moulded
DNIC : Data Network Identification Code
DPDB : Dublin Ports and Docks Board
DPLY : Display
Drks : Derricks
DRPA : Delaware River Port Authority
DSRK : Deutsche Schiffs-Revision and Klassfikation
DSSS : Diving and Submersible Support Ships
DSVL : Doppler Sonar Velocity Log
DTBA : Date to be Agreed/ Date to be Advised
dtls : Details
DUTI : Difference Universal Astronomical Time
DVOR : Doppler Very High Frequency Omni Range Beacon
DWAT : Dead weight All Told
DWCC : Dead weight Cargo Capacity
DWCT : Dead weight Cargo Tons
DYFI : Dynamic Filter Process
DX-90 : Format for supply and interchange of digital cartographic data (1990)
D½D : Dispatch Half Demurrage
decrg : Decreasing
DESIG : Designation
DGNSS : Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Disch. : Discharge
DISCO : Data Interchange for Shipping Companies
DLINK : Down Link
D.Long : Difference of Longitude
DRIFT : Drift Speed
DANCON : Chamber of Shipping Danube Berth Contract (1911)
DANPRO : Danish Trade Facilitation / Standardisation Organisation
DBEATS : Dispatch Payable Both Ends on All Time Saved
DBEWTS : Dispatch Payable Both Ends on Working Time saved
D.D.Shpg : Dock Dues and Shipping
dem.des : Demurrage and Dispatch
DEUPRO : German Trade Facilitation / Standardisation Organisation
DipMSO : Diploma in Management of Ship Operation
Discol : Discoloured water
DMAHTC : Defence Mapping Agency Hydrographic/ Topographic Centre
DRF.Ahd. : Double Ring Full Ahead
discont : Discontinued
DRF.Astn. : Double Ring Full Astern
dely.& redely.: Delivery and Re-delivery

ECTI : European Traveller’s Cheque International
ECUK : East Coast of United Kingdom
ECUS : East Coast of the United States of America
ECWA : Economic Commission for West Africa
EDCS : Electronic Data Capture Service
EDED : EDIFACT Data Elements Directory
EDMD : EDIFACT United Nations Standard Messages Directory
EDSD : EDIFACT Standard Segments Directory
ED-50 : European Datum 1950
e(ex.g) : Exhaust Gas Economiser
EFIC : Export Finance Insurance Corporation
EFTA : European Free Trade Area
EHAC : Economically Highly Advanced Countries
EHCL : Ellerman Harrison Container Line
EIDX : Electronic Industry Data Exchange
EIRP : Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
EITZ : English Inshore Traffic Zone
elec. : Electric
ELEV : Elevation
ELSA : Emergency Life Support Apparatus
ELTs : Emergency Location Transmitters
EMEL : Europe Middle East Line
EMPA : Europen Maritime Pilots Association
EMRS : Export Market Research Scheme
encl : Enclosure
ENEM : Maintenance of Electronic Navigational Equipment Certificate
ENID : Enhanced Identity
e.o.h.p. : Except Otherwise Herein Provided
EPIC : Europe, Pakistan, India Consortium
EPOS : Electronic Point of Sale
EPRI : Electric Power Research Institute
eqpt. : Equipment
ERBL : Electronic Range and Bearing Line
ERDA : Energy Research and Development Administration
ESDS : Emergency Shut Down System
ESGM : Electro statically Supported Gyro Motor
ESTC : Explosives Storage and Transport Committee
et al : Et Alli (And Others)
ETDI : Electronic Trade Data Interchange
ETUC : European Trade Union Confederation
ETSI : European Telecom Standards Institution
Exch. : Exchange
exec : Executive
EXGO : The Export Guarantee Office
Exim : Export - Import
EXIS : Export Information Service
ECDIS : Electronic Chart Display and Information System
EDICA : EDI Council of Australia
EDICC : EDI Council of Canada
EICAS : Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System
E.L.S.B.M. : Exposed Location Single Buoy Mooring
E.Mail : Electronic Mail
EPIRB : Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EPROM : Erasable, Programmable Read Only Memory
EQUIP : Equipment
Eq.of T. : Equation of Time
ESCAP : Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific
et seq. : Et Sequen (And the Following)
EUROS : European Register of Shipping
ex div : Ex Dividend
exper : Experimental
Ex Int : Excluding Interest
ex wrf : Ex Wharf
ECOSOC : Economic and Social Council
ECOWAS : Economic Community of West African States
EFTPOS : Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale
ELSTAB : Electronic Image Stabilisation System
el.vent : Electrical Ventilation
ERLOAD : Expected Ready to Load
Explos : Explosive fog signal
ExShip : Ex Ship
EDIFACT : Electronic Data Interchange for Administration Commerce and Transport
ex.whse : Ex Ware House
Eximbank : Export – Import Bank

FASC : Federation of Asian Shippers Council
f.c.a.r. : Free of Claim for Accident Reported
FCIA : Foreign Credit Insurance Association
FCIB : Fellow of the Corporation of Insurance Brokers
FCII : Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute
FCIT : Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport
FCMS : Fellow of the Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors
Fcst. : Forecast
FEFC : Far East Freight Conference
FEPA : Food and Environment Protection Act
FGGE : First GARP Global Experiment
FHBR : Finance House Base Rate
FHEX : Fridays and Holidays Expected
FICS : Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
FIEx : Fellow of the Institute of Export
fifo : First In, First Out
FILA : Fellow of the Institute of Loss Adjuster
FIOS : Free in and Out Stowed
FIOT : Free in and Out and Trimmed
FLAR : Forward - Looking Airborne Radar
FLIR : Forward – Looking Infrared
fl.oz. : Fluid Ounce
Flwg : Following
FMEA : Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
f.o.b.a. : Free on Board Aircraft
f.o.b.s. : Free on Board and Stowed
f.o.b.t. : Free on Board and Trimmed
f.o.r.t. : Full Out Rye Terms
FPAA : Free of Particular Average Absolutely
f.p.i.l. : Full Premium if Loss
FPSO : Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel
FPSU : Floating Production Storage Unit
f.r.&c.c. : Free of Riots and Civil Commotion’s
Freq : Frequency
FRIN : Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation
f.r.o.f. : Fire Risk on Freight
FSSL : Free Stowage, Shoring and / or Lashing
FSWR : Flexible Steel wire Rope
FTAM : File Transfer, Access and Management
FVSS : Fishing Vessel Safety Ship
FWAD : Fresh Water Arrival Draft
F.Astn : Full Astern
f.a.c.a.c. : Fast as (she) can as Customary
FCILA : Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
FEOTC : Federal Exporters Over sea Transport Committee
FERIT : Far East Regional Investigation Team
FEWAS : Far East – West Africa Service
FHINC : Fridays and Holidays Included
FIArb : Fellow of the Institute of Arbitrators
FILTD : Free in Liner Terms Discharge
Fin.Co. : Final Course
FIOST : Free in and out, Stowed and Trimmed
FOBAS : Fuel Oil Bunker Analysis and Advisory Service
f.o.b.s.t. : Free on Board Stowed and Trimmed
FOSFA : Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations
FPAAC : Free of Particular Average American Conditions
FRINA : Fellow of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects
FUMOS : Fuel Monitoring System
f.a.c.c.o.p. : As fast as can Load / Discharge According to Custom of
f.c.s.r.c.c. : Free of Capture, Seizure, Riots and Civil Commotion’s
Fednav : Federal Commerce & Navigation
FIMarE : Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineers
F.P.A.u.c.b. : Free of Particular Average Unless Caused by
Frt.fwd : Freight Forwarder
Frt.ppd : Freight Prepaid
FONASBA : Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents
FERTICON : Chamber of Shipping Fertilisers Charter (1942)
FORM C 1913: Approved Baltimore Berth Grain Charter Party (1913)

GWP : Global Warning Potential
Gxp : Present Position including time
Gzn : Grid Azimuth
gaca : Go Anywhere, Carry Anything Vessel
GAIF : General Arab Insurance Federation
GARP : Global Atmospheric Research Programme
GATE : GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment
GATS : General Agreement on Tariffs and Services
GATT : General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
gcal : Gram calorie
GCBS : General Council of British Shipping
GCSE : General Certificate of Secondary Education
GDOP : Geometric Dilution Of Precision
GEOS : Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites
GIFT : Glasgow International Freight Terminal
G.M.A.W. : Gas Metal – Arc Welding
GM.BC : GM Before Correction
GmbH : Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
GNSS : Global Navigation Satellite System
GOMB : Gambia Oilseeds Marketing Board
GOOS : Global Ocean Observing System
GPSS : Global Positioning Satellite System
G.S.S.L. : (Ports of) Genoa, Savona, Spezia, & Leghorn
guar : Guaranteed
GULF : Gulf Oil Corporation
G/A con. : General Average Contribution
G/A dep. : General Average Deposit
GAFTA : Grain and Feed Trade Association
GANTS : Track Keeping System
GCLWD : Gulf Coast Low Water Datum
GEBCO : General Bathymetric Chart of the Ocean
GEWEX : Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
GHAMS : Greenwich Hour Angle Mean Sun
GHATS : Greenwich Hour Angle True Sun
GIPME : Global Investigations of Pollution in the MarineEnvironmental
GLOSS : Global Sea Level Observing System
GMDSS : Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMMOS : Gulf Marine Maintenance Offshore Service
GOFAR : Global Ocean Floor Analysis and Research
GASVOY :Gas Voyage Charter Party to be Used for Liquid Gas Except LNG
GENCON : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Uniform GeneralCharter (1922 and 1976)
GENVOY : Baltic Conference Addendum (1946 rev. 1976)
GEOREF : Geographical Reference System
GESAMP : Group of Expert on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Pollution
GENWALT : Baltic Conference General Waiting for Berth Clause (1938)
GLONASS : Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System
GRAINVOY : Grain Voyage Charter Party (1966, 1974)
GENORECON : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference General Ore CharterParty (1962)
GROVERTIME : Baltic Conference United States Grain Overtime Clause(1962)
GRAINVOYBILL: Bill of Lading for Shipments on the “Grainvoy” Charter
GERMANCONNORTH : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference GermanCoal Charter(1957, 1975)

HFPB : High Focal Plane Buoy
h.h.d.w. : Heavy Handy Dead-weight Scrap
HHLA : Hamburg Hafen Lagerhaus AG
HHOT : Half-height Open Top
HHWI : Higher High Water Interval
Hi-Ex : High Expansion Foam
HKSA : Hong Kong Ship owners Association
HKSC : Hong Kong Shippers Council
HLWI : Higher Low Water Interval
HMCG : His / Her Majesty’s Coast Guard
HMSO : His / Her Majesty’s Stationery Office
Ho-Ha : Hold – Hatch
Horz. : Horizontal
Ho/Ta : Holds/Tanks
Hpgc : Heading Per Gyrocompass
Hpsc : Heading Per Standard Compass
H.RDS : Hampton Roads
HrMr : Harbour Master
HSCs : Health and Safety Commission
HSMS : Hull Stress Monitoring System
HSSC : Heating, Sweating and Spontaneous Combustion
HSSC : High Speed Surface Craft
HSST : High Speed Surface Transport
HSWA : Health and Safety at Work Act
HUAL : Hoegh Ugland Auto Liners
HUET : Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
HUNC : Halon Users National Consortium
HVAC : Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning
HWFC : High Water Full And Change
H.A.or D. : Havre, Antwerp or Dunkirk
HAFFA : Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding Agents
HAPAG : Hamburg – America Paket Aktiengesselschaft
H.Astn : Half Astern
Hemis. : Hemisphere
HFDSC : High Frequency Digital Selective Calling
HFSSB : High Frequency Single side Band
HHTEU : Half – height Twenty Foot Equivalent Units
HKSBC : Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
HKSOA : Hong Kong Ship owner’s Association
H.M.etc. : Hull, Machinery, etc
HPFWB : High Pressure Fresh Water Blasting
HPFWC : High Pressure Fresh Water Cleaning
HPFWH : High Pressure Fresh Water Hosing
HeCls.B : Heating Coils in Bunkers
HeCls.C : Heating Coils in Cargo Tanks
HKECIC : Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
HOPECO : Hormoz Petroleum Company
HOSTAC : Helicopter Operations for Ships Other than Aircraft Carriers
Hpstgc : Heading Per Steering Compass
HEXAGON : Electronic Banking System Offered by HKSCB
HYDROPACS : Navigational Warnings Issued by the Hydrographic Office for the NorthPacific Ocean
HYDROLANTS : Navigational Warnings Issued by the Hydrographic Office for the WestAtlantic Ocean
HYDROCHARTER : Norwegian Hydrocharter Voyage Charter Party(1926,amended 1975)

ISSA : International Ship Supplies Association
ISSC : International Ship Structures Conference
ISSD : International Shipping & Shipbuilding Directory
ISTA : International Steel Trades Association
ITCZ : Inter-tropical Convergence Zone
ITTC : International Towing Tank Conference
IUGG : International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
IUMI : International Union of Marine Insurance
IVST : Indirect Viewing Storage Tube
I.W.R.C. : Independent Wire Rope Core
IYRU : International Yacht Racing union
IAASP : International Association of Airports and Seaports Police
IACAs : International Admiralty Chart Agents
IAGLP : International Association of Great Lakes Ports(
IASST : International Association for Sea Survival Training
IBSFC : International Baltic Sea Fisheries Commissions
ICHCA : International Cargo Handling Co-operation Association
ICFTU : International Confederation of Free Trade Union
Ident : Identification Signal
IFSMA : International Federation of Ship’s Masters Association
IGOSS : Integrated Global Ocean Services System
IKMAL : Malaysian Nautical Institute
ILAMA : International Lifesaving Appliance Manufacturers Association
I.Mar E : Institute of Marine Engineer
I.M.M.A.C. : Inventory Management and Material Control
incrg : increasing
Inst.N : Institute of Navigation
INTIS : International Transport Information System
IRISL : Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line
IRPCS : International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
Irreg : Irregular
I.S.L.W.G. : International Shipping Legislation Working Group
ISTEL : Information Systems and Telecommunications
ITOPF : International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
ITUSA : Information Technology Users Standards Association
ICOTAS : International Committee on the Organisation of Traffic at Sea
IFTMAN : IFTM Arrival Notice
IFTMBC : IFTM Booking Confirmation
IFTMBF : IFTM Booking Firm
IFTMBP : IFTM Booking Provisional
IFTMCS : IFTM Contract Status
IFTMIN : IFTM Instruction
IFTMFR : IFTM Framework
IMOSAR : IMO Search and Rescue Manuel
IMPACT : International Maritime Planning and Commercial Technology
I.M.R.A.M.N. : International Meeting on Radio Aids to Marine Navigation
intens : Intensified sector
IREPRO : Irish Trade Facilitation / Standardisation Organisation
IROPCO : Iranian Offshore Petroleum Company
ISGOTT : International Safety Guide for oil Tankers and Terminals
ITOFAB : Interrogated Time Offset Frequency Agile Bacon
IMMARBE : International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize
INTERCO : International Code of Signal
In trans : In Transit
ICS/OCIMF : ICS and Oil Companies International Marine Forum
INMARSAT : International Maritime Satellite Organisation
ITC Hulls : Institute Time Clauses Hulls
INTELSAT : International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation
Incoterms : International Commercial Terms
INTRASTAT : International Transport Statistics Working Group
ICELOADCON : Baltic Conference Ice Clause (1938)
INTERCARGO : International Association of Dry Cargo Ship Owners
INTERTANKO : International Association of Independent Tanker Owners
INTASAFCON : International Tanker Safety Conference
INTERTANKVOY : International Association of Independent Tanker Owners TankerVoyage Charter Party (1976)

J : Irradiation correction
J/A : Joint Account
J.P. : Justice of Peace
JP : Jet Propelled
J.R. : Jugoslavenski Registar Brodova
Jan : January
JCA : Japan Container Association
JSC : Japan Shippers Council
JST : Japanese Standard Time
JSU : Japan Seaman’s Union
j.&w.o. : Jettison and Washing Overboard
JEBA : Japan Electronics Business Association
JHTA : Japan Harbour Management Administration
JHTF : Japan Harbour Management Fund
JICA : Japan International Co-operation Agency
JMSA : Japan Maritime Safety Agency
JMTI : Jamaica Maritime Training Institute
JNOC : Japan National Oil Corporation
JRCC : Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre
JRSC : Joint Rescue Sub-centre
JSEA : Japan Ship Exporters Association
JUDY : Just a Useful Device for You
JWIP : Joint International Working Party
JASPA : Jobs & Skills Programme for Africa
JETRO : Japan External Trade Organisation
JASREP : Japanese Ship Reporting System
JASTPRO : Japan & Singapore Trade Facilitation / Standardisation Organisation

K : Keel
K : Kelvin
k : Kilo
KB : Height of the centre of Buoyancy Above the Keel
KD : Knocked Down
K.E. : Kinetic Energy
KG : Height of the Centre of Gravity Above the Keel
kg. : Kilogram
k/h : Kilometres Per Hour
KM : Height of the Metacentre Above the Keel
km. : Kilometre
kn : Knot
kN : Kilo Newton
KN : Cross Curve
kp : Kilo pressure
KR : Korean Register
kW : Kilo Watts
KT : Kilo Ton )
KCT : Kelang Container Terminal
KGc : KG Correction
kg/h : Kilogram per Hour
kHz : Kilo Hertz
K.I.D. : Key Industry Duty
KMI : Korea Maritime Institute
KMT : Korea Maritime Transport
KMT : Transverse of the Metacenter Above the Keel
KML : Longitudinal Metacenter Above the Keel
KOC : Kuwait Oil Company
kPa : Kilo Pascal
k.p.h. : Kilometres Per Hour
kts. : Knots
kVA : Kilo Volt Ampere
kcal : Kilo calorie
kbps : Kilo bite per Second
KCIA : Korea Container Industry Association
KISS : Keep it Simple Stupid
KITF : Kuwait International Trade Fair
KMPA : Korea Maritime and Ports Administration
KOTC : Kuwait Oil Tanker Company
kcal/h : Kilo Calorie per Hour
KEMAS : Keep Man at Sea
KMTRI : Korean Maritime Training and Research Institute
kp/cm2 : Kilo Pressure per Square Centimetre

Lower Low Water Datum
LLWI : Lower Low Water Interval
LLMC : Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
LMAA : London Maritime Arbitrators Association
LMES : Land Mobile Earth Station
Lndg : Landing place
LNGC : Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier
loco : On the Spot
Lo/Lo : Load on, Load off / Lift on, Lift off
Long. : Longitude
LOOP : Louisiana Offshore Oil Port
LPSO : Lloyd’s Policy Signing Office
LRMC : Lloyd’s Refrigerating Machinery Certificate
LRMR : Long Range Marine Reconnaissance
L.Sat : Large Communication Satellite
LSWR : Radiotelephone Distress Frequency Watch Receivers
LTBP : London Tanker Brokers Panel
LtHo : Light House
LUAA : Lloyd’s Underwriters Agents Association
LWNA : (Lumber Winter North Atlantic) Winter North Atlantic Timber
LAFTA : Latin American Free Trade Association
LANBY : Large Automatic Navigational Buoy
LASER : Light Amplification by the Simulated Emission of Radiation
LATAG : Latin American Trade Advisory Group
LHAMS : Local Hour Angle of Mean Sun
LHATS : Local Hour Angle of True Sun
LIBOR : London Inter-Bank Offer Rate
LICOS : Liquid Cargo Operations Simulator
Ll.& Co’s : Lloyd’s and Companies
loc.cit : Loco citato ( In the Place Cited)
LOF95 : Lloyd’s Standard Form
LORAN : Long Range Aid to Navigation
LOTEA : London Ocean Trades Employers Association
LOTTA : London Oil and Tallow Trades Association
LUCRO : Lloyd’s Underwriter’s Claims Recovery Office
Lake SS : Periodical Survey of Ship Classed for Great Lakes Service
LAMCON : Iron Ore Charter Party From Lower Bunchanan, Liberia to AllDestinations
Lkg.& Bkg. : Leakage and Breakage
(LMC)SUS : Machinery Class Temporarily Suspended
LR.PASS : Lloyd’s Register’s Plan Appraisal System for Ships
Ldg.& Dely : Landing and Delivery
LTBENDS : Liner Terms Both Ends
LINERTIME : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Deep Sea Time Charter
Loadready : Ready to Load
LS&D charges : Landing, Storage and Delivery Charges
Liner Terms : Loading, Carrying and Discharging Costs are for the Ship owner’s Account

MRCC : Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre
MRCC : Middle Range Crude Carriers
MRGC : Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre
MRIN : Member of Royal Institute of Navigation
MRNG : Morning
M.R.N.T. : Maritime Radar and Navigation Trainer
MRPS : Marking Radar Performance Specification
MRSC : Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Sub Centre
MSDS : Material Safety Data Sheet
m/sec : Metre/second
MSMI : Marine Shipping Mutual Insurance
M.S.R.A. : Marsey Ship Repairers Association
MSTR : Master
MTBD : Mean Time Between Defects
MTBF : Mean Time Between Failure
MTCA : Military Terminal Control Area
MTRB : Maritime Transportation Research Board
MWLL : Mean Water Level Line
MARAD : Maritime Administration
MARIS : Maritime Information System
MAREP : Ship Movement Reporting
MAREC : Maritime Search and Rescue Recognition Code
MAVIS : Marine Audio Visual Instruction System
MBAUK : Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
Medit. : Mediterranean
MESPS : Marine Echo Sounder Performance Standard
MGCPS : Marking Gyro Compass Performance Specification
MHHWL : Mean Higher High Water Line
MIArb. : Member of the Institute of Arbitrators
MIDAR : Marine Identification and Recognition i
MIMAC : Marine Information Management Centre
Min.B/L : Minimum Bill of Lading
Min.wt : Minimum Weight
MIOSH : Member of Institute of Offshore
MLLWL : Mean Lower Low Water Line
MNETA : Merchant Navy Establishment Training Office
MNOPF : Merchant Navy Officers Person Fund
MOLCO : More or Less at Charterer’s Option
MOLOO : More or Less at Owner’s Option
MOSES : Marine Operations and Scheduling Economics System
MRINA : Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects
MRRTC : Marine Radio and Radar Technicians Certificate
Mt.of A : Moment of Area
Mt.of V : Moment of Volume
MARPOL : International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
MARSIM : Marine Simulator
MEDCON : Chamber of Shipping East Coast Coal Charter Party (1921)
MEDICO : Medical Advise, usually by Radio
MEDPOL : Co-ordinated Mediterranean Pollution Monitoring and Research Programme
Mer.Alt : Meridian Altitude
MERPAC : Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee
MERSAR : Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manuel
Mid.Lat : Middle Latitude
MIFASS : Marine Integrated Fire and Air Support System
MI.Mar.E : Member of the Institute of Marine Engineers
MinReq : Minimum Required
MARIDAS : Maritime Data System
MARISAT : Marine Satellite
MEDEVAC : Medical Evacuation
MERCAST : Merchant Ship Broadcast
MerPass : Meridian Passage
MSDMEPS : Marine Speed and Distance Measuring Equipment Performance Standard
MEDITORE : Chamber of Shipping Mediterranean Ore Charter (1921)
MARPOLMON : Marine Pollution Monitoring Programme
MERSEYCON : Chamber of Shipping Coasting Charter Party(1921)

n.s.p.f. : Not Specially Provided For
NSSN : National Standard Shipping Note .
NSTC : National Sea Training College
NTIS : National Technical Information Service
Nt.wt. : Net Weight
NVOC : Non Vessel Owning / Operating Carrier / Company
NWTB : New Water Tube Boilers
NYFB : New York Freight Bureau
NYIE : New York Insurance Exchange
NYPX : New York Produce Exchange Time Charter Party (1946)
NYSA : New York Shipping Association
NACCB : National Council for Certification Bodies
NAFTA : North American Free Trade Agreement
N.A.I.W.C. : National Association of Inland Waterways Carriers
NAuxB : New Auxiliary Boiler
NCITD : National Committee on International Trade Documentation
NCSPA : North Carolina State Ports Authority
N.E.A.F.C. : North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission
NEBSS : National Examinations Board in Supervisory Service
NECSA : Navigational Electronic Charts System Association
NEWCI : North East of West Coast Italy
(Ni.stl) : Nickel Steel ç
NORT&A : Notice of Readiness Tendered and Accepted
NORNA : Nordic Radio Navigation Conference
NOTAM : Notice to Airman
n.r.t.o.r. : No Risk Till on Rail
n.r.t.w.b. : No Risk Till Waterborne
NSCSA : National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia
NUTEC : Norwegian Underwater Technology Centre
NUVOY : Voyage Charter Party (1964)
NVOCC : Non Vessel Owning/ Operating Cargo/ Common Carrier
NWECS : North West European Continental Shelf
nwtdb : New Water Tube Domestic Boiler
NYMEX : New York marcantile Exchange
NAABSA : Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground
NAMSAR : Namibian Search and Rescue System
NATLAS : National Testing Laboratory Scheme
NAVSAT : Navigational Satellite System
NAVTEX : Navigational Telex
NECORE : Chamber of Shipping Mediterranean Ore Charter (1922)
NiCad : Nickel Cadmium
NITCOM : National Iranian Tanker Company
NOGSAC : National Oil and Gas Safety Advisory Committee
nom.std : Nominal Standard
NORPRO : Norwegian Trade Facilitation / Standardisation Organisation
NUMAST : National Union of Marine Aviation and Shipping Transport Officers
Navaids : Navigational Aids
NAVEAMS : Navigational Warnings Issued for the East Atlantic Ocean and theMediterranean Sea
NAVINDS : Navigational Warnings Issued for the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and IndianOcean
NEMEDRI : North European Mediterranean Routing Instructions
Non-Stat : Goods of no Statistical Interest
NORDICE : Baltic Conference Special Ice Clause (1947)
NORSWAM : North Sea Wave Model
NAVAREAS : Navigational Areas
NORGRAIN : Grain Voyage Charter Party (1966)
NIPPONORE : The Japan Shipping Exchange Inc. Iron Ore Charter Party
NUVOYBILL : Bill of Lading for Shipments on the NUVOY charter
Nett.Terms : Cargo Handling is the Responsibility of and for the Account of the Charterer
NUBALTWOOD : Chamber of Shipping Baltic Wood Charter Party (1973)
NANYOZAI 1967 : The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc. Charter Party for Logs (1967)

ODP : Ozone Depletion Potential
O.E.C. : Overpaid Entry Certificate
OEL : Occupational Exposure Limit
OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturer
Off. : Officer
OIM : Offshore Installation Manager
OLB : Official Log Book
OLF : Norwegian Oil Industry Association
ONC : Ordinary National Certificate
OND : Ordinary National Diploma
OOO : Out Of Order
OOW : Officer Of Watch
OPA : Oil Pollution Act
O.R.B. : Owner’s Risk of Breakage
ORC : Ocean Racing Club
O.R.C. : Owner’s Risk of Chafe
Ord. : Ordinary
O.R.D. : Owner’s Risk of Damage
O.R.F. : Owner’s Risk of Fire
ORL : Open Reversible Life raft
OSA : Offshore Supply Association Limited
O.S.B. : One Safe Berth
OSC : On-Scene Commander
OSD : Offshore Safety Division
OSD : Open/ Shelter Deck Ship
O.S.P. : One Safe Port
OSV : Ocean Station Vessel
OSV : Offshore Support Vessel
OSV : Oil Storage Vessel
O.T.D. : Ocean Travel Development
OTF : Optimum Transmitting Frequency
OTS : Orbital Test Satellite
OTT : Ocean Transport and Trading Company
owh : Ordinary Working Hours
obsy : Observatory
OC.B/L : Ocean Bill of Lading
ODAS : Ocean Data Acquisition System
OECD : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OEEC : Organisation for European Economic Co-operation
OGEL : Open General Export Licence
O.H.M.S. : On His / Her Majesty’s Service
OMBO : One Man Bridge Operation
OPEC : Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Oprn. : Operation
OSCR : Ocean Surface Current Radar
O.T.A.R. : Overseas Tariffs and Regulation
OTSR : Optimum Track Ship Routing
OWPS : Over water Passenger Suit
OWS’s : Ocean Weather ship’s
OAPEC : Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
Obscd : Obscured
Obstn : Obstruction
Occas : Occasional
OCIMF : Oil Companies International Marine Form
OFF No : Official Number
ONSOD : Omega Navigation System Operational Detail
OPITO : Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation
OSBER : Oil Spill Bulletin & Environmental Review
OSGB-36 : Ordnance Survey of Great Britain Datum
o.a.a.o.o.p. : On Arrival at or Off the Port e
Obs.Alt. : Observed Altitude i
ORECON : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Ore Charter,1950 fromScandinavia to Poland
OSD/CSD : Open Closed Shelter Deck Ship
Obs.posn : Observed Position

PABX : Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PACT : Pilot Actions for Combined Transport
PADS : Port and Airport Development Scheme
PAMI : Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions
Pass : Passage
PAUs : Pre-Assembled Units
PBCF : Propeller Boss Cap Pin
PCCS : Pacific Coast Container Service
PCGN : Permanent Committee on Geographical Names
PDOP : Position Dilution of Precision
p.d.p.r. : Per Day Per Remainder
PERF : Performance
Perm : Permanent
Perp : Perpendicular
PEXA : Practice and Exercise Areas
PinA : Parallax in Altitude ı
Pkge : Package
Plat : Platform
P&L A/c : Profit and Loss Account
PLTC : Port Liner Term Charge
PMMA : Philippine Merchant Marine Academy
PNPF : Pilots National Pension Fund
PNTL : Pacific Nuclear Transport Fleet
P.O.A.C. : Port Ocean Engineering Under Arctic Conditions
POFF : Pilot Off
POPI : Post Office Position Indicator
Po-Po : Pull on Push off
Posn. : Position
PPNM : Pulse Per Nautical Mile
P.P.U.K. : Picked Port in the United Kingdom
PREV : Previous
prod : Production
Prog : Prognosis
proj : Projected
Prom : Promontory
Prop : Propeller
PSDN : Packet Switched Data Network
PSNC : Pakistan National Shipping Corporation
PSTN : Public Switched Telephone Network
PACIS : Port and Cargo Information Study
Pamas : Philippine Association of Manning Agencies and Ship Managers
PANDI : Protection and Indemnity (P&I)
P.chgs : Particular Charges
PIANC : Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses
press : Pressure
PROBO : Product/Bulk/Ore Carrier
PSCRB : Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat
POLINF : Pollution Information
POLFAC : Pollution Facilities
prohib : Prohibited
P/side : Port Side
PANCAN : Baltic Conference Panama Canal Clause (1954)
PLACER : Port of London Authority Container Event Recording
POLCON : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Polish Coal Charter (1950)
POLREP : Pollution Reporting System
Prom.dk : Promenade Deck
Ptg.Std. : Petrograd Standard
Panamax : Vessel Designed to limits of Panama Canal
PANSTOP : Baltic Conference Stoppage of Panama Canal Traffic Clause (1962)
PHOSCON : The Baltic and White Sea Conference Phosphate Charter (1914)
POLWARN : Pollution Warning
PORTCON : Port and Dock Charges Clause
PROPCON : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Prop and PulpwoodCharter (1937)
PANSTONE : Chamber of Shipping Stone Charter Party (1920)
Paris MOU : Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control
PIXPINUS : Chamber of Shipping Pitch Pine Charter (1906)
POLCOALVOY : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Coal VoyageCharter (1971,1976)

Q : Quick Flashing
Q : Squally weather
Q : Quadruple Screw
Q : Quantity Rate
QA : Quality Assurance
QC : Quality Control
qc : Quality at Captain’s Option
qn : Quotation
QQ : Celestial Equator
Q.S. : Quota Share
qt : Thrust Factor
Qt. : Quart
qv : Quod Vide (which see)
Qy. : Query
Qz : Quartz
QAT : Quality Action Team
QMS : Quality Management System
QPC : Qatar Petroleum Company
QRA : Quantified Risk Assessment
QRC : Quick Release Coupling
Qrs : Quarters
QTG : Request
Qtr. : Quarter
qty : Quantity
Qlty : Quality
QSCS : Quality System Certification Scheme

RAIM : Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
RAMS : Right Ascension of the Mean Sun
RANP : Regional Air Navigation Plan
RAPL : Rotterdam, Antwerp Pipeline
RASL : Right Angled Screw Lift
RATS : Right Ascension of the True Sun
RBCT : Richards Bay Coal Terminal
RCC&S : Riots, Civil Commotion’s and Strikes r
RCDS : Raster Chart Display System (can only display raster chart)
RCMS : Remote Control and Monitoring System
rcvd : Received
RDCs : Regional Distribution Centres
Refl : Retro reflecting material
R.E.O.U. : Radio and Electronic Officers Union
Rest : Restoration of class
Revs : Revolutions
R Fix : Running fix
RGDS : Regards
R.G.S.S. : Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen
RINA : Royal Institution of Naval Architects
RMAS : Royal Marine Auxiliary Service
RNCS : Regional Naval Control of Shipping
RNLI : Royal National Life-Boat Institution
RNVR : Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
R.N.Y.C. : Royal Northern Yacht Club
RNZN : Royal New Zealand Navy
R.O.J.A. : Reinsurance of Joint Account
R.of N. : Range of Neap
R.of T. : Range of Tides
R.O.R.C. : Royal Ocean Racing Club
Ro-Ro : Roll-on Roll-off
Rotn : Rotation
RSRE : Royal Signal Radar Establishment
r.t.b.a : Rate to be Arranged / Agreed
RTCM : Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
Racon : Radar responder beacon
RADAR : Radio Detecting And Ranging
R.A.T.A.S. : Research and Technical Advisory Services
Recmd : Re-commissioned
RENCC : Regional Electronic Navigational Chart Centre
RGCSP : General Concepts of Separation Panel
RINET : Reinsurance and Insurance Network
RMC (lg) : Class for Refrigerating Equipment for Dealing with Boil-off Gas on aLiquefied Gas Carrier
RNODC : Responsible National Oceanographic Data Centre
Roads : Road stead
ROFAC : Road Facility Chart
ROPME : Regional Organisation for the Protection of the Marine Environment
R.T.A.CI. : Rubber Trade Association Clause
Radome : Radar Dome
Ra.refl : Radar Reflector
Reassd : Reassured
Reefer : Refrigerated Ship, Refrigerated Space
Rec.TBAF : Recovery to be Accounted For
Redicon : Refrigerated Digital Control
REDRESS : Redress Clause (1968)
RUSSCON : Chamber of Shipping Black Sea Berth Contract (1912)
READYBERTH: Baltic Conference Ready Berth Clause (1938)
RIODOCEORE: Iron Ore Charter Party- Vale do Rio Doce Terms (1967)

SATCOM : Satellite Communications
SATNAV : Satellite Navigation
SCANCO : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Scandinavian VoyageCharter (1956,1962)
SCOTEC : Scottish Technician Education Council
SEAREM : Sea Related Emergencies
SEATAG : South East Asia Trade Advisory Group
See-Bee : Sea Barge Carrier
SELCAL : Selective Calling System
SELFEC : Selective Forward Error Correction
SHEXUU : Sundays and Holidays Excepted Unless Used
Sh.Land. : Short Landed
sig stn : Signal Station
SIGTTO : Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators
SITREP : Situation Report
SOGITS : Senior Officials Group for Information Technology Standards
SORADO : Safety Officials and Reporting of Accidents & Dangerous Occurrences
SPARCS : Synchronous Planning and Real –Time Control System
Sp.Chgs. : Special Charges
S.R.C.C.&M.D.: Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion’s and Malicious Damage
STALCO : Shipping, Trading & Lighterage Company
STAREC : Status Recording System
SULCON : Chamber of Shipping Sulina and Constanta Berth Contract (1911)
SURNAV : French Information and Surveillance Service for Marine Navigation
SURPIC : Surface Picture
SWACEM : Small Waterplane Area Concept Exploration Model
SWEPRO : Swedish Trade Procedures Council
SALTCON : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Salt Charter (1947)
SASAFAA : South African Shipping and Forwarding Agents Association
SC Chart : Small Craft Edition Navigation Chart
SCOTVEC : Scottish Technician and Vocational Educational Council
semidur : Semi duration
Sext.Alt. : Sextant Altitude
SHEXEIU : Sundays and Holidays Excepted Even if Used
SHIPPOS : Ship Position Reporting Service
SINGREP : Singapore Ship Reporting System
SISTRAP : Brazilian Ship Reporting System
SOVCAOL : Soviet Coal Charter (1962)
S.R.ports : Southern Range Ports
SUBSUNK : Full Scale Search for Submarine
SUBMISS : Initial Search For Submarine
SALEFORM : Memorandum of Agreement (1966, 1974)
SIPROCOM : Belgium Trade Facilitation Committee
Stev.Liab. : Stevedores Liability
SUEZSTOP : Baltic Conference Stoppage of Suez Canal Traffic Clause (1956)
SWISSPRO : Swiss Trade Facilitation / Standardisation Organisation
Safmarine : South African Marine Corporation
SEANOTICE : Baltic Conference Notice from Sea Clause (1970)
SOVORECON : Soviet Ore Charter Party for Ores and Ore Concentrates from RussianPorts
SYNACOMEX : North American Grain Charter Party (1973)
SCANORECON : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference General OreCharter Party (1962) Scandinavian Terms (1966)
SOVIETWOOD : Soviet Wood Charter Party (1961)
SPANFRUCON : The Baltic and White Sea Conference Fruit Charter (1926)
SUPPLYTIME : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Uniform TimeCharter Party for Offshore Service Vessels

TTG : Time to Go
TTT : Navigational warning signal
TUC : Trade Union Congress
Tue : Tuesday
TVP : True Vapour Pressure
TWC : Total Water Current
TWD : Twin Deck Tanks
TWS : Tsunami Warning System
TWX : Higher Speed Teletype / Telex Service
TZD : True Zenith Distance
Tzn : True Azimuth
T.&C.C. : Technical and Clauses Committee
TACT : The Air Cargo Tariff
T.Alt. : True Altitude
TAR/V : Trans Atlantic Round Voyage
TASC : Towing Safety Advisory Committee
T/Atl. : Trans-Atlantic
TBAF : To Be Accounted For
TBNC : Thames Barrier Navigation Centre
TCPA : Time of Closest Point of Approach
T/Day : Today
TDED : Trade Data Elements Directory
tech : Technical
Temp : Temperature
Temp : Temporary
TEWI : Total Equivalent Warning Impact
TFFL : Total Fright Forwarding System
T.G.W.U. : Transport and General Workers Union
THKS : Thanks
THMB : Trinity House Motor Boat
THPV : Trinity House Pilot Boat
TICT : Tokyo International Container Terminal
TIPS : Thailand International Port Service
TOCA : Transfer of Class Agreement
TOFC : Trailer on Flat Car
TOFS : Over water Flight Suit
TOGA : Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere Programme
Tonn : Tonnage
TOPS : Terminal Operating System
TPLJ : Thermal Protective Lifejacket
T.P.N.D. : Theft, Pilferage and Non Delivery
TRGT : Targets
T.S.P.P. : Tanker Safety and Pollution Preventing
TTCN : Trade Tariff Code Number
Ttly : Totally
TURN : Trader Unique Reference Number
TV Tr : Television Tower
TcHHW : Tropic Higher High Water
TcHLW : Tropic Higher Low Water
TcLHW : Tropic Lower High Water
TcLLW : Tropic Lower Low Water
Teak’s : Teak Sheathed Decks
TIROS : Television and Infra-red Observation Satellite
Tks.yr. : Thanks Your
T.P.C.FW : Tonne Per Centimetre Immersion in Fresh Water
T.P.N.S.D. : Theft, Pilferage and Non and/or Short Delivery e
TRADA : Timber Research and Development Association
TcHHWI : Tropic Higher High Water Interval
TcLLWI : Tropic Lower Low Water Interval
TEMPSC : Totally Enclosed Motor Propeller Survival Craft
Thirds : Deduction From a Claim on a New for Old Basis
T.L.O.& Exs. : Total Loss only and Excess
T.T.F.Cls. : Timber Trade Federation Clauses
TUBRAP : Turkish Straits Reporting System
T and/or C : Total and/or Constructive and/or Arranged Total Loss Only
TCATLVO : Total or Constructive or Arranged Total Loss of Vessel Only
Telecon : Telephone Conversation
T.L.O. R/I CI.: Total Loss Only Reinsurance Clause
TOVALOP : Tanker Owners Voluntary Agreement Concerning Liability for Oilpollution
TREDMAR : Training and Education in Marine Sciences Programme
TRODBASE : Technical Records Office Database
T.and/or C.T.L. : Total and/or Constructive Total Loss

U.S.G. : United State Gulf
U.S.N. : United State Navy
UTC : Universal Time Co-ordinated
UTI : Universal Astronomical Time
UT0 : Uncorrected Universal Time UT1 : UT0 Corrected for Polar Variation
UT2 : UT0 Correction for Polar and Seasonal Variations
UTM : Universal Transverse Mercator Grid
UASC : United Arab Shipping Corporation
UECC : United European Car Carriers
UKAS : United Kingdom Aircargo System
UK. f.o. : United Kingdom for Orders
U.K.H.H. : United Kingdom and Havre – Hamburg Range of Ports
U.K.P.A. : United Kingdom Pilots Association
ULCC : Ultra Large Crude Carrier
Un Dk : Under deck Tanks
UNEP : United Nations Environment Programme
U.S.A.C. : United States Atlantic Coast
USAF : United States Air Force
USAR : Urban Search and Rescue
USCG : United State Coast Guard
USLM : Unit Strap Lifting Method
U.S.M.C. : United State Maritime Commission
USSR : Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USWC : United State West Coast
U.K.A.E.A. : United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
UKHAD : United Kingdom, Havre, Antwerp or Dunkirk Range of Ports
UKLAP : UK. Legal and Administrative Processes
UKOPP : United Kingdom Oil Pollution Prevention
UKOOA : UK Offshore Operators Association
UKPIA : United Kingdom Petroleum Industries Association
UKWAL : UK/ West Africa Lines
ULINK : Up link
uncov : Uncovers
UNECE : United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
U.S.A.E.C. : United States Atomic Energy Commission
USBGN : United States Board of Geographical Names
U.S.C.F.R. : United States Code of Federal Regulations
U.S.M.L.A. : United States Maritime Law Association
USMSA : United States Marine Safety Association
USWMS : United State Waterway Marking System
UK/Cont. : United Kingdom or Continent
UKSABA : United Kingdom South Africa Business Association
UNCLOS : United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea
UNESCO : UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
U.K./Cont(BH) : United Kingdom or Continent Bordeaux- Hamburg Range
U.K./Cont.f.o. : United Kingdom or Continent for Orders
U.K./Cont(GH) : United Kingdom or Continent Gibraltar- Hamburg Range
U.K./Cont(HH) : United Kingdom or Continent Havre- Hamburg Range
unexame : Unexamined
UNCITRAL : United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
Unintens : Unintensified

VHF : Very High Frequency
VHM : Volumetric Heeling Moment
VHW : Heading and Water Speed
VIP : Very Important Person
VIQ : Vessel Inspection Questionnaire
Vis : Visibility
VLF : Very Low Frequency
VLR : Very Long Range Aircraft
V/Ls : Vessels
VMC : Visual Meteorological Condition
VMD : Video Motion Detection
V.M.P. : Value as per Marine Policy
VNA : Very Narrow Aisle
VOC : Volatile Organic Compounds
vol. : Volume
VOP : Value as per Original Policy
VOR : VHF Omni directional Radio Range
Voy. : Voyage
VPF : Vector Product Format
VPP : Variable Pitch Propeller
VRM : Variable Range Marker
VPQ : Vessel Particulars Questionnaire
V.P.S. : Vacuum Packing System
V.S.A. : Vertical Sextant Angle
V.S.I. : Vertical Soft Iron
Vsl. : Vessel
VTG : Vector Tracking Ground Speed
VTI : Intended Track , Speed and Distance made good
VTM : Vessel Traffic Management
VTS : Vessel Traffic Service
VTS : Vessel Tracking System
V.A.L.M. : Vertical Anchor Leg Mooring
VAMA : Voyage as may Appear
VARD : Vessel’s Arrival and Departure Report
VCGS : Vertical Cell Guide System
VDOP : Vertical Dilution of Precision
VECT : Verify Correct Target
Verm. : Vermin
VERP : Vessel Escort and Response Plan
Vert. : Vertical
VIAS : Voice Interference Analysis System
VITS : Video Image Tracking System
VLAC : Very Large Aircraft Carrier
VLCC : Very Large Crude Carrier
VLOO : Very Large Ore/Oil Carrier
VLPC : Very Large Products Carrier
VMRS : Vessel Movement Reporting System
VSWR : Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
V.T.M.S. : Vessel Traffic Management System
VTPR : Vertical Temperature Profile Radiometer
VTIS : Vessel Traffic Information Service
VACBI : Video and Computer Based Instruction
VTGIS : Vessel Traffic Global Information Service
VTMIS : Vessel Traffic Management Information Service
VISCONBILL : Liner Bill of Lading to be Used in Trades Where Hague – Visby Rulesare Compulsory
VOYMAR 1950 : The Baltic and International Maritime Conference and the Chamberof Shipping of the United Kingdom War Risks Clauses for VoyageCharters (1950)

W.N.A. : Winter North Atlantic Load Line Mark
WNG : Warning
WNW : West North West
w.o.b. : Washed Overboard
W.O.G. : With Other Goods
WOG : Without Guarantee
W.O.L. : Wharf Owner’s Liability
WOW : Waiting on Weather
W.P.A. : With Particular Average
WPA : Water Plane Area
WPB : Way point Bearing
WPD : Way point Distance (seyir) Dönüş noktası mesafesi
WPL : Way point Location
w.p.p. : Waterproof Paper Packing
W.R.O. : War Risk Only
w.r.t. : With Respect to ….
WRU : Who Are You
WSW : West South West
WTB : Water Tube Boiler
WTC : World Trade Centre
wtd. : Warranted
WTS : Working Time Saved
W.W.D. : Weather Working Days
WWF : Waterside Worker’s Federation
WWR : When, Where Ready
WWW : World Wide Web
WWW : World Weather Watch
WxN : West by North
WxS : West by South
WACO : World Air Cargo Organisation
WARC : World Administrative Radio Council
WATA : World Association of Travel Agents
W.B/E.I : West Britain/ East Ireland
W.C.N.A. : West Coast North America
WCRP : World Climate Research Programme
W.C.S.A. : West Coast South America (Africa)
W.C.U.K. : West Coast of United Kingdom
WECM : Warranted Existing Class Maintained
WEMT : West European Conference on Maritime Technology
WEND : World Electronic Navigation Database-( a model for the distribution of ENC from Hos to RENCCs to customers)
W.F.T.U. : World Federation of Trade Unions
Whse. : Warehouse
WOCE : World Ocean Circulation Experiment
WOSS : Water Operations Safety Suit
W.R.I.O. : War Risks Insurance Office
WTCA : World Trade Centres Association
wtdb : Water Tube Domestic Boilers
WCCON : Whether Cleared Customs or Not
WCUSA : West Coast United States of America
WEDAR : Weather Damage Reduction
Whist : Whistle
WIBON : Weather in Berth or Not
WINAC : West Coast of Italy, Sicilian and Adriatic Ports/ North Atlantic RangeConference
WIPON : Weather in Port or Not
W.M.A.R.C. : World Maritime Administrative Radio Conference
Wtd. C.M. : Warranted Class Maintained
WWNWS : World Wide Navigational Warning Service
War etc. : War, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion’s and Malicious Damage
WELCON : Chamber of Shipping Coasting Coal Charter Party (1913)
WTAuxB : Water Tube Auxiliary Boilers
WESTPAC : Western Pacific
W.W.D.FHEX : Weather Working Days, Fridays and Holidays Expected
W.W.D.SHEX : Weather Working Days, Sundays and Holidays Excepted
Whse/Whse : Warehouse to Warehouse
W.W.D.SHING : Weather Working Days Sundays and Holiday Included
WAITBERTH : Baltic Conference Waiting for Berth Clause (1962)

X : Parallax Angle
x.c : Ex Coupon
x.d : Ex Dividend
xs : Excess
x.in : Ex Interest
XSL : Excess Loss
XTE : Cross Track Error
XXX : Urgency Signal (sent by wireless telegraphy)
XCVR : Transceivers
x.new : Ex New
xs.of : Excess of (sigorta)
Xtal : Crystal
X.xwhse : Ex Warehouse

y : Dry air
Y : Yellow ı
YB : Yellow Black
YC : Yacht Club
yd : Yard
yr. : Year
Yt. : Yacht
Y.A.R. : York-Antwerp Rules
YBY : Yellow Black Yellow
Y.C.A. : Yacht Charter Association
yds. : Yards
Y.L.A. : Yacht men’s Lifeboat Association
YRA : Yacht Racing Association
yrs. : Years
YTD : Yacht Telephone Debit
yday. : Yesterday
YBDSA : Yacht Brokers, Designer’s and Surveyor’s Association
YRLET : Your Letter

z : Zenith
z : Haze
Z : Azimuth Angle
ZC : China Classification Society
ZD : Zone Description
ZD : Zenith Distance
Zn : Azimuth
ZT : Zone Time
ZDA : Present Time (day, month, year)
ZLZ : UTC and Local Time
ZTA : Estimate of Arrival at Way point
ZTG : Time to go to Destination
Z diff : Azimuth Angle Difference