Human Resources

As a company that is aware of the fact that success and continuity can only be achieved by the motivation of its employees, loyalty to the company, professional knowledge and equipment; Employees must have the knowledge and skills to fully fulfill their duties within the company, To provide a working environment where employees can freely express their opinions and suggestions and express their creativity, To ensure that each employee can work under equal conditions and in equal opportunities, without discrimination of gender, race or religion, Contributing to the professional and personal development of its employees with various training programs, Evaluating the performance of employees objectively and rewarding their success, It has adopted as a human resources policy to always keep the motivation and team spirit of its employees at the highest level with various social activities outside of working hours.

“Your job applications will only be received through the application form you fill out under the” Human Resources “tab. Apart from this (by sending an e-mail to info address or any other address), the resume or application forms sent in all applications will be destroyed without being read by us.” You can apply for a job by filling out the Human Resources Application Form below.

Human Resources Application Form